“Ohana means family and family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.”

A cowboy was riding his staunch horse followed by his loyal dog along a peculiar road. The man was enjoying the new landscapes, when he suddenly remembered that he was dying a while ago, and realized that his dog walking beside him had been dead for years and same was for his horse. Confused, he wondered what was happening, and where the trail was leading them.

After wandering for a while, they came across a magnificent building topped by a golden letter “H” that was dazzling in the sunlight. Standing before it, was a colossal gate and the street that led to the gate looked as if it were made of gold.

He rode towards the gate and as he got closer, he saw a man dressed in formals inside. Worn out and thirsty with the scorching heat and his journey, he called out, “Excuse me, what place is this?” “This is lodge, Heaven, Sire,” the man answered. “Great! Can I have some water to drink?” the cowboy asked. “Definitely, Sir. Come inside and I’ll bring you some chilled water and refreshments right away”, said the mysterious man.

As the man opened the gate for him to enter, the cowboy asked, “Can my partners come along, too? “I’m sorry; sir, but we don’t allow pets. “The cowboy thought for a moment, “They are my family; I cannot leave them behind,” refused the man and went on to continue his riding, his dog loping by his side. After another long ride, he again came to a road leading to an authentic gate that looked like it had never been closed.

As he reached the gate, he saw a man inside, feeding the rabbits that were hoping around. “Excuse me,” he called the man, “Do you have some water?” “Sure, there’s a hand pump right over there. Help yourself,” replied the man. “Can I bring my pals inside?” the cowboy motioned towards his dog and horse. “Sure! They must be thirsty too,” said the stranger.

The cowboy happily entered the premises, and went towards the hand pump. The cowboy filled a cup and the buckets kept beside it with fresh, cool water and drank till his thirst was quenched; same did his horse and dog. When they were done, he walked back to the stranger who was still feeding the rabbits.

“What place is this?” the cowboy asked. “This is Heaven,” the man answered. “That’s confusing,” said the cowboy, “the previous man too said that, that was Heaven, too.” “You mean the place with all the dazzle, Gold Street and pearly gates? That was hell,” explained the man. “Don’t you feel angry when they use your name like that?” asked the cowboy. “Not at all! Actually, we’re glad that they screen out the materialistic people who leave their family and friends behind.”