After the polling for Engineering Minors, second-year students will have to poll again for the Electives or Open Minors in the upcoming week. Students who are passionate about their core filed are going for Open Minors but a large number of students desire Electives in which they could try distinct fields, courses from other schools like business and hotel management.

So, if you are going for Electives then here are the 4 reasons why you should opt for Digital Marketing.

Become an In-demand Executive

Opting Digital Marketing as one of your Electives

Business and Marketing are such a wondrous field that doesn’t require any specific deep technical knowledge. Despite your stream, you can easily learn marketing. In this world of Social and Digital Media, the traditional marketing techniques are becoming inefficient and thus not worthy anymore. Digital Marketing comes as a blessing for organizations, in which they can target their exact audience at an exact time and location for expanding their sales. Thus, this skill, skill for attracting an audience, ranking on search engines, Ads Marketing, Social Media Marketing becomes the number one demanding openings all across the globe.

Enormous career options

Opting Digital Marketing as one of your Electives

Digital Marketing provides you with a variety of career options. As mentioned, if you want to change or broaden the scope of your job provided by your core stream, it will surely help. You can work as a Marketing Executive, SMM, SEO Expert, CMO, Analyst and many other posts in almost every single technical and non-technical industry on the planet. The most amazing benefit of Digital Marketing is that you can work on the above-mentioned posts from home without any salary difference. You can also work as a freelance digital marketer or open your online firm to help small and big businesses.

Earn more than your peers

Opting Digital Marketing as one of your Electives

From the above-mentioned points, it is clear that the demand and flexibility of digital marketing are extremely high and thus it is one of the highest rewarding sectors. If you are working in a firm of your core stream, you can still start a side hustle as a marketer and earn more than your co-workers. Glass Door survey states that a CMO or Digital Marketer earns $78,000 plus every year. Digital marketing is the master key for financial freedom and self-establishment.

New customers every day

Opting Digital Marketing as one of your Electives

If you are that kind of person who will get easily bored and irritated from the same work, schedule and job responsibilities then Digital Marketing is for you. Whether you are working within a firm or as a freelancer you get new customers, new roles, and new work and have to find new ways to solve and succeed in customer problems, and this will excite you every day.

Digital Marketing is not a technique or methodology, it is an art, creative art and only an excited and creative mind can excel this. If you wish to opt for a course that is not only financially secure for the future but provide newness in everyday tasks, then you should blindly go for this.