Even though technology has completely taken over the world and computer science is producing an overwhelming number of workers and entrepreneurs every year, there are not a whole lot of shows and movies that capture the true nature of the beast that is the IT industry. Even though LPU has a boatload of student clubs and organizations to fulfill the appetite of every programmer and technology enthusiast, along with hackathons happening all over the campus every other day to maintain a healthy competitive spirit but sometimes you just need that extra visual push to help you visualize your dream life as a tech engineer or entrepreneur. So here are some binge-worthy shows and movies to help you do just that.

Silicon Valley

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The six season-long show, a satire of Silicon Valley culture, centers around Richard Hendricks. He is a developer who establishes a new business called Pied Piper, and the show follows his battles attempting to keep up his organization while confronting rivalry from bigger entities. Co-stars of the arrangement incorporate T.J. Mill, Josh Brener and Martin Starr. Yang. Silicon Valley has gotten nothing but green flags since its premiere, with acclaim for its composition and humor. The show has been assigned for various honors, including five back-to-back Primetime Emmy Award selections for Outstanding Comedy Series.

Halt and Catch Fire

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Halt and Catch Fire runs for four seasons and 40 episodes. It gives a breathtaking insider’s view of the 1980s computer revolution which eventually gave shape to the 21st century. It follows an engineer who challenges the juggernauts of the IT industry and it touches upon all aspects of life of a tech entrepreneur. A must watch for anyone who plans to pursue the startup dream somewhere down the road.

Mr. Robot

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If you want to see a visualization of the sheer power and control that technology and especially the internet has on our society then look no further than Mr Robot. It follows Elliot a brilliant and unstable cyber-security engineer who joins hands with a group of rebels and together they plan to take down corrupt organizations that control the internet and distribution of wealth. Fun fact, every wild event shown in the show is realistic and technically possible. Even if you’re not into tech at all, this show would have you signing up to become a cyber-security engineer in no time.

The Social Network

Shows And Movies

This movie would introduce you to a side of the industry that most engineers and entrepreneurs never think about when getting in the industry, the legal side. The social network follows Mark Zuckerberg and the rise of Facebook. It dives deep into some of the legal battles that Facebook has been through on the grounds of intellectual property theft. The programming sequences in the movie are extremely realistic and relatable along with all the battles that rising companies like Facebook fight before turning into behemoths.

These are just some of the best movies out there that would help you center yourself whenever you feel overwhelmed or lost in the deep and complex world of tech.