LPU proudly tags its students, ‘Vertos’. It is a Latin word that means change and transformation. Vertos are the people who have the capabilities to change things and systems not only for themselves but also for the upcoming generations.

Here are some of the reason why we proudly say that LPU is future-ready:

The Art of Thinking Big

If you ever have been a part of LPU’s community then you surely know what ‘Think Big’ actually means. The motto that every Verto carries the moment he or she enters the college campus. Over the years we have carved our motto to be our art, by which we aim to make a masterpiece for the generations to come. Not only the students but the faculties and the university management also take care that the art of thinking big is not limited to education but also be transformed into every aspect of the university’s functioning.

Energy Efficient

When it comes to the future, some of the earliest symptoms will be the shortage of exhaustion of non-renewable sources of energy. Keeping this in mind, LPU focuses only on completely removing the use of non-renewable sources of energy for its energy production. Moreover, we also focus on shifting our energy requirements to renewable sources of energy. In order to fulfill our dream to move a step ahead in time, LPU has installed almost 1000KW of Solar Panels on the Campus. We also target to 100 percent energy efficient in the coming future.

Organic Agriculture and Green Campus

With the almost 600 acres of campus area that LPU has, a large area is covered with lush greenery that not only keeps the air fresh and cheerful but also purifies the environment with positive vibes. Adding to the green campus the agricultural fields and nurseries under the School of Agriculture also host a wide variety of flora and range of fauna that grows in a minimalistic environment with not inorganic and chemical pesticides but organic methodologies.

More than Education

LPU is known for its state of art infrastructure and the idealistic and practical-based education that is imparted. Still, we have a whole different world apart from just the education. Almost every day, LPU hosts one or another workshop not only based on care disciplines but also on co-curricular and sports fields. While some workshops are widely popular some are even one-of-its-kind just like the ‘Amazon Alexa Workshop’ on Future of Voice Technology.

Pushing our limits

We are already geared up for the future of this world. Standing on the dawn of this new era, we are still on the search to push our limits further. May it be education or the field of Media or let it be sports. We constantly hold discussions and debated not only for the goodwill of the university but also for the world. We have always believed that by transforming education we can create better citizens of a new era where they cannot only strive to make a mark but also hustle their way out to change the future of this world so that it will be a better place to live.