There’s no rationale to rush off the university campus as soon as your freshman year is over. While having an apartment and sharing it with your buddies can be delightful, there are numerous perks of living in the University Hostels. Consider staying in the hostels rather than going through the daunting experience of forming a group of buddies, visiting residences, and signing a rental agreement contract.

Here are some significant aspects of hostel life that you might not have considered.


Perks of being an hostelite at Lovely Professional University!

This implies you won’t have to think about going to the supermarket, buying supplies, carrying those supplies back to your apartment, storing them, meal prep, dealing with the mess you’ll make while preparing. Allow experienced chefs to handle all of your food-related issues in the hostel.


The Unimall is located at the heart of the university and is one of the most spectacular assets you’ll have as a Verto living on campus. The Unimall has loads of exclusive items accessible only to residents of Lovely Professional University.

Perks of being an hostelite at Lovely Professional University!

Don’t want to bring an atrociously large and expensive mattress to university? The Unimall has the lighter ones you can check out. Craving something sweet? Stop by the Lovely Sweets or the Lovely Bake Studio outlet, they will be happy to serve you, delicious mouth-watering treats with a smile. The Unimall has all of it and more for you to visit tomorrow.


Every hostel offers its own slew of benefits. There are tuck shops with stationaries, printers, and scanners, who provide their services at subsidized rates. Off-campus you’ll first have to find a shop, and there you will be struggling with resources & lab manuals, which most tuck shops in the university have readily available.

When you and your buddies want a place to get things done and study together, there are group study rooms available. If that not enough, you might want to stop by the central library; a four-storeyed, air-conditioned piece of art. Off-campus, you might end up having a tough time finding a peaceful corner to study in due to the small size of the apartments, particularly if you have noisy flatmates.


Believe it, I am saying from my experience students who live in hostels have more admirable grades and higher GPAs than those who stay in apartments. Hostels at Lovely Professional University are huge!

Perks of being an hostelite at Lovely Professional University!

When you reside in hostels with thousands of other students, you’ll almost certainly be able to study with someone else from your class. Plus, there are plenty of cabins, whiteboards, printers, and armchairs where you can get your stuff done quickly and comfortably.


You and your possessions couldn’t get any safer place than in a hostel at Lovely Professional University. Each hostel’s exterior is sealed with RFID-activated turnstile gates and highly trained security guards. Your room is not only protected by a key but also thousands of CCTV cameras that add an extra sheath of protection.

Perks of being an hostelite at Lovely Professional University

Furthermore, all hostels have security guards and wardens present at all times. It’s imperative to keep all of your possessions safe, particularly if your laptop contains an assignment that’s due tomorrow.