Going to college is like a dream come true for almost everybody. Trust me when I say we all have made big plans from a very small age for the years we will be spending at the university. We all have fantasized about partying and being free birds during the years. But one of the biggest confusions of any student who is going to college is whether to stay at home or to opt for a dorm. Every coin has two sides so does this. Almost every college provides students with hostel facilities and has many great advantages but living in the home too has its pros. I have narrowed down some of the important points that will help you make this decision.

PROS of Living at Home

1. Pocket-friendly: Dorms are expensive. They can make your pocket hurt! Living in your own home is inexpensive compared to living in a hostel facility. If you live at your home, you won’t have to or will have to spend relatively less money on food and most importantly you won’t have to pay rent! And also, if you run out of money you can ask your parents to lend you some immediately without having to wait for them to send it to you.

2. You won’t have to socialize much: If you are an introvert, this is good news for you! You won’t have to socialize with people after classes. You’ll have a lot of excuses, like, “My mom won’t allow” or “I have something to do at home” and then you can straight away go back home in your comfy bed and relax! You get to choose which event you want to go to; your friends won’t constrain you from going to some event you don’t want to.

3. You’ll always be supported: It’s a fact that you feel more supported and confident when you have your people around. During university years, many incidences occur where you feel devastated and low esteemed and during this time all you need is your family.

CONS of Living at Home

1. LIMITED FREEDOM: Everybody dreams of late-night parties and getting together during university but living at home can make it difficult for you to attend late-night events as your parents may not allow. Also, you’ll have to “give time” to your family. You’ll have to avoid staying late at night.

2. IT WON’T BE EASY TO MAKE FRIENDS: Living at home may restrict your timings and you won’t be able to make friends out of your department. You might have plenty of friends within the premises of your block but because you don’t have contact with people other than those in your block, you won’t have friends outside it.

3. TIME-CONSUMING: Coming from your house to college every day might get very hectic and time-consuming but if you have a dorm, it will be easier for you to reach class on time and you won’t have to worry about getting late.

Well, it is a win-win situation. No matter where you live, university life will be great and you’ll surely have a lot of fun. But always remember your purpose in joining university is to study and make a future. Having fun is alright but make sure you don’t get overwhelmed.