Just as mastering any new skill demands a lot of hard work, polishing a divergent accent requires endless reiteration and steadfastness. If you are a film student in India must have espied that with time more and more acting roles in India require accents that go beyond what is known as the general Indian accent. 

Folks want something that’s deeper, ’cause they’re over the generics! A common language like English has over 160 distinct dialects or accents, with British & American accents being the most popular. You might want to learn a new accent to make your voice more enchanting or make yourself stand out in your class!

Here are insider tips & tricks to mastering a new accent that sounds more native than a native!

(1). Picking Up A New Accent Step 1: Listening!

Whatever might be the rationale behind you learning a new accent or dialect, the genesis always remains the same: attending to people who natively speak the accent you want to learn is the key! It’s not recommended to follow actors for accent training, as they aren’t always the best representation of the accent unless they are native!

For reference, you might want to check out the regional television interviews to look for the best natural accent!

(2). Picking Up A New Accent Step 2: Oral Posture!

After you have paid attention to the way native speakers speak, try mimicking the sounds. Your oral posture includes the placement of your tongue, the way your lips & jaws move plays a vital role in mastering a new accent. In the dialect you are attempting to develop, you must listen to the sound and pronounce it. You should try to avoid errors like for instance, a lot of amateur speakers ditch the “R sounds” in British English. If you won’t focus on such intricacies, you won’t get an idea about the oral placements, as a consequence, you will only be able to pronounce only a few words.

Picking up a new accent!

(3). Picking Up A New Accent Step 3: Speak!

 Speaking with an accent is the only effective way to master a new accent. Even though it might seem like a piece of cake, there’s more to it! Talking with an accent is more than just reciting random phrases. It involves talking aloud to yourself all day or engaging in talks with acquaintances or buddies as you examine your accent. There is no superior more effective approach to genuinely adopt a new accent than to talk with the accent as often as practicable.

Picking up a new accent!

How long does it take to revamp your accent?

If you indulge in accent training, you might notice a considerable change within three to four weeks. A significant distinction in lucidity & articulation will be evident in around half a year. If you insist on continuing along this road, your accent will differ radically in a few years’ time.

Happy accent training!