Happy and proud we are as a student of Lovely Professional University shares the stage with none other than Ranveer Singh on national television. This time we got a chance to hail another verto with another remarkable achievement. This for sure has been one of the most sumptuous achievements of LPU. Due to this big achievement even the LPU’s Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal complimented the student for keeping alive his passion along with the wax and wanes of academic life.

The achievements of LPU no way cease to dumbfound us! Every new day we hear a new tale of accomplishment which is the result of the university’s discipline, the knowledge it provides, the chops it instills, and its very substance. Along with that the quantum of opportunities it provides cannot be expressed in words. Lately, the university handed a big occasion for the LPU students to participate in the show THE BIG PICTURE which was supposed to telecast on Viacom, Colors and was to be hosted by Bollywood Star- Ranveer Singh. One student of all the students of the entire nation was selected and happened to partake the big stage with big star.  Here we are up with another remarkable success.

Saahas Ramaul, a student of Lovely Professional University, shared the big screen with Bollywood superstar Ranveer Singh at Colors TV show The Big Picture. Saahas was the only student selected from all universities nationally. The show was aired on ColoursTV and Voot OTT platform. Ranveer was wonderstruck about the LPU student especially because of his immeasurable dexterity. He indeed accepted a book penned by Saahas as a kind gesture and said that Saahas is an all-rounder and young India’s shining star.

A Verto shared the BIG SCREEN with none other than RANVEER SINGH at Colors-TV

The Big Picture is a visual-based next-generation quiz show that gives the audience a chance to win a fortune. The show is hosted by Ranveer Singh. With the assistance of three lifelines, the contestant will need to answer 12 visual-based inquiries to win the prize money.  The show basically tests the knowledge and visual memory of the contestants and is telecasted on Colors TV along with that the episodes are readily available on OTT platform, VOOT.

Saahas Subodh Ramaul, is an alumnus of Lovely Professional University who has formerly pursued MBA from Lovely Professional University and right now is up with his PHD. He was a member of the LPU’s Literary Society and has made us all proud by winning the first prize at the educationally engaging simulation, Model United Nations 2019 held at Chandigarh. He has also hosted the 106th Indian Science Congress of India, which was inaugurated by the Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi.

On talking about Saahas, let me tell you that he has a protean personality, and is passionate about a lot of stuff like writing, music, photography and what not. Along with that he has been a certified historian. He also has lately begun his journey of being an author through his book CORONA FROM CROWN. In addition to that, he has been an exceptionally good speaker and has profound knowledge of the art. Not only that, he also got the “Best Position Paper Award” and had been awarded the second position in the ‘overall committee’ in Asia Youth International MUN in the organisation of Islamic committee held in Malaysia. If this is often and not massive, then clearly, I don’t apprehend what is. He has achieved such a lot at such a young age. Big Deal!

The platoon of Lovely Professional University is really proud of what Saahas has accomplished at such young age. It certainly must have required strenuous efforts and well-defined focus. His achievements have been an asset to the university, and we hope that they take him far in his new adventure. We wish him all the good luck and success in his upcoming ventures.