Like most high school kids, I grew up with this craze to visit France. Although I never got a chance, I decided to settle for their language “Francais”. During my intermediate education, I chose French as my second language. There are two reasons for this decision. First of all, I felt that French is an easier language than Tamil. So it’ll probably push up my scorecard, which it did and for which I am very thankful for. Secondly, though France is regarded as the most romantic country, it is the language they speak that makes it so.

Having roots in vulgar Latin of the Roman empire, French has now evolved to become the 6th most widely spoken language around the world. 29 countries have French as their official language. There are 275 million people in the world who can speak French. To any English speaker, the easiest foreign language to learn is French.

Is French on your checklist?

On this note, any new language learnt is an advantage. Learning French has its own. A shout out to all those willing to pursue or are pursuing Masters in Business Communication and courses related to the fashion industry, French could help you skip rungs on your career ladder.

In MBA, for those specializing in International Business, French is a must know the language for the reasons stated earlier. Then comes the fashion industry. All the big fashion brands are based in France. What better language could land you in the seat. The Tourism and the Hospitality industry also offers amazing opportunities. If you have ever dreamt of being an international flight attendant, French is your goto language.

Should you learn french

Learning a foreign language will offer you countless opportunities. The best part of the learning process is the fun involved. French is the easiest foreign language you could start with before moving on to other European languages. Although, I should specify that French cannot be self-taught. There are many online courses you could enrol for. The University also offers French as a part of the foreign languages learning programme at the cost of Rs.3000. It is not every day that opportunity will knock on your door.

Bonne chance!