Learning a New Language at Lovely Professional University

Learning a New Language at Lovely Professional University

Language as a New voice

Learning a language might prove daunting doesn’t matter where you live. But at Lovely Professional University, you might want to tap into so many resources, and people from different countries might assist you to hone the language of your choice.

University might be heaven for you to gain proficiency in a foreign language. Plenty of resources on campus might help you hone your speaking and writing skills, and there are so many people around who also study foreign languages! Here are some pro-tactics for you to get started with a new language:

Learning a New Language at Lovely Professional University

(1). Be An Early Bird:

Honestly, suppose you’re planning to start learning out a new language for your very first time and plan to have some level of certification. In that case, it helps if you have some background or a basic understanding of alphabets and their pronunciation; It helps so you don’t sit in your first lecture blank. However, if you’re just kicking off, it’s all right too!

(2). Enroll Into An Intensive Foreign Language Course Provided By The Department Of Foreign Languages At The University:

Depending on your current level of proficiency, taking an intensive foreign language course from the university might be a brilliant way to kick start your desire to learn a new language. There are usually announcements on the UMS for Demo-Info sessions organized by the Department of Foreign Languages. They offer two courses: intensive courses (4 months) of 120 hours and non-intensive courses (1 year) of 60 hours. The best part is anyone can register for the classes!

(3). Enroll Into An Online Certification Course: 

Even if you don’t have time to enroll in special classes organized by the Department of Foreign Languages, but you still want to keep up with your language and have some certification. You might want to consider online language certification courses provided by edtech platforms like Coursera. Thankfully, Lovely Professional University has tie-ups with online edtech platforms like Coursera, SimpliLearn, and UpGrad, offering courses in data science, digital marketing, business analytics, management courses, and other domains.

Learning a New Language at Lovely Professional University

(4). Offer To Tutor Your Mates:

Back when tigers used to smoke, they often said that the best way to learn is to help teach other people. At some point, you will have complete proficiency in the language you desire to learn, and some of your friends might be there who want to learn the language. You can offer to tutor your buddies to teach them essentials and build a strong foundation for the language.

Learning a New Language at Lovely Professional University

(5). Find Your Language Buddy:

So finally, you are some intensive foreign language courses but still feel like you don’t speak enough of the other language to gain complete proficiency?

Finding your foreign language buddy might be your best bet (it might be through one of your classes). Maybe you can both agree to speak in that particular language only, or you can fix outings with that person every Sunday to practice speaking.

Trust me learning a new language is always worth it!