Since our online semesters are shorter than the average semesters at Lovely Professional University, we have around sixty days of summer vacations to do whatever we want. Here are a few gummies of wisdom that I’d like to reveal to everyone in hopes of having a fruitful, safe, and enjoyable summer.

(1). Revive Your LinkedIn Presence:

Productive ways to spend Summer Vacations!

Summer is an excellent time to dwell on your previous academic year and refresh your LinkedIn profile and other career profiles like GitHub, CodeChef, HackerEarth, Codeforces, LeetCode, to reflect all of your spectacular achievements. For me, I discovered that I should do a lot of re-ordering and make my internships a bit easier to track.

I also suggest pondering about all of the acquaintances you’ve encountered and engaged with over the years and giving them invitations to interact. Send them a formal message and see what they’re doing as you’re thinking about them! I believe it is more important than ever to show your friends that you care by letting them know you are thinking about them.

(2). Take A Stroll!

Although we enjoyed not having to run to board a bus for a long time, most of us miss little snippets of physical activity incorporated into a day on campus. However, we can go out for a stroll through the community every nightfall to make up for it. Some of my peers like to dial various people while walking, and I think that’s a perfect way to make us all feel closer even though we’re disbanded across the world.

Productive ways to spend Summer Vacations!

(3). Attend Virtual Workshops & Seminars:

Through visiting LinkedIn, social media platforms, and subscribing to various email lists, I’ve discovered several fascinating and valuable workshops, conferences, seminars, and interactive career development sessions. They serve as outlets for not only learning new skills, it lets you hear other people’s viewpoints, getting up-to-date with stuff, and also for networking.

(4). Apply For Scholarships!

Productive ways to spend Summer Vacations!

I’m all about graduating with as little student debt as possible! I recently stumbled across a scholarship provided by an entrepreneur for women in engineering (on Facebook, of all places!). If you like writing or getting free money, I’m sure a scholarship is waiting for you.

(5). Rest:

Still, you might argue, how can you be active while resting? Rather than going nonstop, I believe that incorporating comfort and relaxation into our lives helps us be more productive. To put this into effect, when I work from home this summer, I’m heading to the dining room to get some water and give my eyes a break from gazing at a phone. I’ve loved taking advantage of online therapy workshops to help me calm and let go of tension.