In less than a week from the time this article is live, I will be officially in the final year of my undergraduate degree at Lovely Professional University. After spending three full years with the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, two years on campus, and one year online!

Many different activities chow down on your time on campus, and if you aren’t vigilant, you might find yourself with too much to do (or maybe too much spare time!). Today, I’ll go through a few aspects that all students can think about to present a good equilibrium in their Fall 2021 timetable.

(1). First Things First: Academics!

Make no bones: your coursework is the first purpose you’ve chosen to attend the Lovely Professional University. As a result, your courses should be the priority on your to-do list while preparing a schedule. At Lovely Professional University, full-time students can take anywhere between 12 to 40 credit hours every week depending on your department, so talk to your section mentor about how many credits you’ll need in each semester.

Budgeting Time for Vertos at Lovely Professional University

If you take fewer credits, you’ll discover ample opportunities to indulge in extracurricular activities like student clubs or take a part-time job. However, if you’re taking a more significant number of credits (or even only a few challenging courses), make sure you schedule plenty of prep time outside of class.

(2). Indulgence In Extracurricular Activities & Part-Time Jobs:

Then there are extracurricular activities to consider, such as part-time jobs, student clubs, athletic teams, etc. Last semester I worked with two student organizations, two devoted groups to women empowerment and management. I only had three hours of meetings a week for the two student organizations I worked for, mostly over recess or through spontaneous gaps in my day.

On top of this, some students worked part-time jobs at various departments of Lovely Professional University, devoting additional 10-15 hours every week. Altogether you might end up anywhere between 40-50 hours of work, including your lectures every week.

(3). Socializing & Mental Wellbeing:

Finally, Vertos need time to relax and socialize. According to the timeline above, I scheduled around nine hours with my buddies this week, besides any time spent studying with them. Much of the time, I would grab some food with them at night, but football games were still a perfect way for me to connect with my buddies during the semester.

To be upfront, I had almost no time to pursue my different interests last semester, but I’ll never change a thing if I could go back and do it all over again.

Budgeting Time for Vertos at Lovely Professional University

I would say that balancing work, social life, and fitness might get complicated. But any Verto on campus would do it happily for four months straight.

Good luck for this fall, Vertos!