Joining a college and a new course seems very exciting but may become a bit stressful after some time. You may not like the course you joined or the college at all. To avoid such circumstances, you should research everything you can find and ask yourself a few questions before taking admission in any course. The questions can be as follows:

Do you really want to join this course?

Are you really interested in the course you are joining? If not, why are you joining then? A lack of interest in your field will not take you anywhere near to success. So, ask yourself whether you are interested in the field you are going to apply and then make the right decision.

Where do you see yourself after the completion of your course?

The next question you should ask yourself is whether you see any scope or future after completion of your course. If not, change the field but if you are genuinely interested, you should follow your interest. Once the course is decided, move on to the next question.

Is the college in which you want to take admission good enough?

You should try hard to get a good college because this directly affects your future. Good college does most of the work for its students to get them placed at a good place. So, search hard and work hard to get a good college, as getting in top colleges isn’t a piece of cake.

How are academics as well as co-curriculum?

Every college focuses on its academics but the thing is, whether it provides good exposure to non-academics or co-curriculums? In today’s world, a company hires the one who is good in academics as well as non-academics. It doesn’t want bookworms. It needs an employee who has interests and achievements outside his/her major too. The non-academics can include anything outside your academics like sports, fine arts, volunteering, media activities, etc.

What are the placement results?

This is one of the most important questions to ask. Getting into a college with low or poor placements isn’t something one should be looking for. Most of us ignore the placement results of the college and take admission getting impressed by the campus or leniency or the comfort it provides to its students. The beautiful buildings on the campus aren’t going to give you what you eventually want. As there’s a saying:

Never judge a college by its buildings. It’s the placements which define a good college.