Everyone loves Mother Nature and feels amazing about it. But let me remind you, we are the first generation to destroy our environment. Everyone shows excitement to save nature but no one actually does it. We only show concern on the World Environment Day, we promise ourselves that we will save nature without harming and by recycling or by reusing effectively, but we don’t follow it.

Imagine one night you wake up feeling thirsty and you don’t find a single drop of water; indeed it will be the most terrifying moment of your life. So, before it actually happens, let’s come together and starts from our own home to save our environment, by reusing the wastewater, by saving water while brushing our teeth or while laundering. We can use laundering water for watering our plants or gardens. Water resources must be used wisely in the cities, so every citizen gets equal water supply.

Deforestation has increased greenhouse effect in the atmosphere that generates more heat and has resulted in climate change, melting of glaciers, rise in the sea level, etc. As a responsible citizen, we must plant more trees, save electricity, ban plastic bags use, encourage people to recycle the waste material and reuse.

Today, government and private sectors are joining hands to save our planet, so that our future generation can have the pleasure of Mother Nature. Every person should be equally responsible to take care of it.

Let’s come together and save our environment, our mother nature, our home!