Becoming an Entrepreneur and starting an own business requires determination, self-belief and most importantly good skills. One of the students of Lovely Professional University named Mahak Mishra has started his podcast channel named Radio Mahak. Presently it is a podcast channel that is active in leading music streaming applications like Spotify, Apple Music, Google podcast, Radio Public, Breaker and Radio Mahak official android application.

Radio Mahak

They do podcast shows on different topics such as

  • Facts of Psychology
  • Bakrabaj
  • Start-up camp
  • Fashionable Indian etc.

Radio Mahak is all about the creation of Odisha’s first 24*7 digital radio station currently playing only Odia’s original songs. Presently Radio Mahak owns Digital rights of 150 Original Odia Songs of topmost singers and directors like Human Sagar, Ira Mohanty, Asima Panda, Kumar Bapi, Mantu chhuria, Dipti Rakha Padhi, Ambrita Naik, Satyajeet Pradha, Bishnu Mohan Kabi, Shasank Sekhar etc. According to the information provided by them they are presently working on podcasts till the time they develop digital FM, which is going to take some time due to technology development and other formalities. The team is headed by Founder Mahak Mishra and at present the team consists of new talents working on radio Mahak Podcasts.

All About Mahak Mishra

He is a BTech CSE (2nd year) student of Lovely Professional University. He is the son of Malay Mishra who is CEO of Odisha’s No. 1 Media house and a known Music director and Filmmaker of Odisha. Mahak has worked as RJ in Radio Chocolate 104FM, He had worked as a child artist in 2 No of Odia future film, directed few short films, Songs and holds offers for music direction from companies like Jio Saavn. He is certified for music production, music business fundamentals and a certified student of Startupindia. He received good luck note from star singer of Bollywood Shaan.

A message from Mahak Mishra and his Team

Radio Mahak

  • Mahak said “Radio Mahak is a podcast which provides variety of episodes created by our talented Rj’s. Presently we are available on Spotify & Apple Podcasts. We are keeping our eyes on podcasts while looking forward to converting our Podcasts to a 24*7 Digital Radio Station With Our Rich Original Songs”.
  • RJ Anamika said, “Music heals our soul, and good content heals us from boredom. We provide you with creative and variety of content with our talented jocks”.
  • Satyabarata Naik said- “I’m really very glad to be a part of the Radio Mahak team and I’m looking forward to it. We are trying to create interesting content”.
  • Makhan Patra said, “I am very lucky to be a part of this team. This is what I always wanted to do. Thanks to Mahak”.
  • Muskan Patel said, “The medium of podcasting and the personal nature of it, the relationship you build with your listeners and the relationship they have with you, they could be just sitting there, chuckling and listening…there’s nothing like that”.
  • Simran Kaur- said “I’m really happy to be a part of Radio Mahak team and appreciate their efforts. Here you can get all the original content.”