“I don’t believe in taking right decisions, I take decisions and make them right.”- Ratan Tata

We all have ideas in the back of our heads that we never act on because we are too afraid to take the first step, the one that starts it all. Student organisation Tanzanite under the aegis of Division of Student Welfare, Lovely Professional University is here with the most awaited event for all the entrepreneurs (and the aspiring ones) “National Start-up Fest 2021.” A platform with a plethora of opportunities where all the idea bubbles will meet and interact. Sponsored by PrepBytes, Coding Ninjas, GeeksforGeeks, LWT Pvt, Sponsor Bull, Grabon and Mentor kart, imagine having access to all of the experiences, knowledge, execution of ideas, and practical approaches of more than 15+ entrepreneurs who are already members of the Tedx community on one platform. We want to engage young and talented minds in competitions and events that will put their ardour to the test and allow them to hone their skills.

We have a variety of creative activities planned for the fest: firstly, you will be able to attend professional Webinars delivered by experts. Second, the Group discussion will broaden the scope of everyone who participates and will allow participants to share their knowledge about the subject. Third, the Case Study activity, participants will be provided a case study based on entrepreneurship that will aid in testing their approach towards the problem. Fourth, a Quiz, yes a chance to stand out of the herd, participants will be quizzed on Entrepreneurship and Startups. The most exciting activities are Ideathon, participants will be required to submit a summary of their start-up ideas within a word restriction and Budget activity, where the participants will be required to plan up and work within a budget and be aware of the various limits that will be imposed.

The rewards are the most remarkable aspect of the fest, “Prize worth Rs.5 Lakh+!” The winners will receive paid internships as well as the opportunity to travel to Singapore and a funding support opportunity for their start-up ideas. The top performers will be rewarded with goodies. Each participant will receive e-certificates, discount coupons for a variety of courses, the ability to engage with notable entrepreneurs, and a paid internship opportunity.

Grab all this for a price of a simple registration fee i.e. Rs. 190. Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity; put on your thinking cap and join us on this incredible voyage. Pitch in your ideas, take risks, and you never know where you might stand in the end. The last date to register is 26th June, so register yourself quickly at:
https://in.bookmyshow.com/events/national-startup-fest-2021/ET00311343 via BookMyShow.