In the previous article, we got to know about how this wondrous Yoga for You: Holistic Health Workshop commenced. Day 1 was marvelous, full of energy and enthusiasm, but the latter days were even more informative. On June 16th (the second day) was organized a “Chakra healing” session. Dr. Mahesh Dogra, who has a Ph.D. in Vedic Science and Psycho-Neurobic, started with a unique ‘tapping therapy’ which everyone heartily enjoyed. He stated, “Yoga doesn’t only cover body, there are mental exercises also.” In the talk that he initiated was discussed what ‘real’ health is. There was also a discussion on “psychoneurobics,” meditation,  classical dance forms, and music therapy. With this, everyone practiced some yogic postures known to activate chakras in a human being.

The third day focused on ‘Strengthening of Emotional Immunity.’ Dr. Dogra started it with dynamic pranayama. He remarked, “Precaution is always better than cure, even in the case of emotional immunity.” He talked about how focus can lead to a blissful life, eventually. He articulated that there are two types of immunity, namely biological and emotional. The fourth day introduced Dr. Shaveta Bhardwaj, a clinical psychologist & counselor, who conversed about ‘Holistic Health in Covid times.’ She asserted, “Not merely the absence of disease is good health, it is a state of complete physical, emotional, and mental well-being.” She replied to many questions which came up in attendees’ minds. Along with this, she discussed how to eat, move, sleep, and even connect.

Dr. Poonam Singh, General Secretary at Yog Manthan, confabulated ‘Yoga for Stress Management’ on the fifth day. She, having a Ph.D. in Yoga, talked about the levels of bliss a human being experiences. She stated, “Where there is an imbalance, there are the miseries.” She also discussed what Vedic Science thinks about life philosophy. The next day, she instructed some yogic postures that can help boost immunity and maintain physical well-being. She even simplified various asanas for people who unable to practice them due to any reason. Dr. Mahesh Dogra also discussed the scientific and philosophical importance of the asanas taught by Dr. Poonam the same day. He also mentioned that without willpower, it is nearly impossible to build a habit of yoga.

On June 21st, the ‘International Day of Yoga,’ the speaker was Dr. Sorabh Lakhanpal, Head of the Division of Student Welfare. It was the final day, and he initiated the talk on the topic of ‘Health and Lifestyle’ with yoga in mind. He profoundly discussed crucial questions about yoga and health. “Good health is the side benefit of yoga; its main goal is to make one an excellent human being,” he said. He bid welcome to some feedbacks from attendees and instructed some _mudras_ which help boost immunity. The experience was so soothing that everyone felt a peaceful getaway from the chaotic life. Then there was a discussion on ‘Padma Sadhana’ – a cycle of yogic postures to be performed sequentially. Instead of theoretical knowledge, this session focused on practical applications of yoga.

With these seven magnificent sessions concluded the Yoga For You: holistic health workshop. Experiences like this have a positive impact on the life of everyone. Although I was there to cover the event for this article, I learned a lot, surprisingly. The speakers were so knowledgeable and helpful that they also didn’t hesitate to discuss some topics off-syllabus. Everyone thanked the Division of Student Welfare and the Lovely professional University for organizing events of this type.