The student organization, Tanzanite came up with another brand new episode of Tanza Talk Show with mesmerizing personality, Desi Gkioulis ( popularly known as Desi G. She is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and actress. Desi G has been influenced by her idol Celine Dion, Billie Eilish, and Adele. Desi G has also had the honor of being featured in a commercial for Xfinity. Aside from singing and acting, Desi plays several instruments like the violin, piano, and clarinet and also loves to create music. Desi G has just released her first album of all her original music called ‘Lucid thoughts’.

Tanza Talk Show with Desi Gkioulis

During the initial stages of covid, she had to experience a few bumps as her recording and album launch got delayed. But as time passed by, she explored various possibilities and ways and soon was able to overcome all this and increase her reach through various social media platforms. She is grateful for the music and each and every person who has been with her despite the ups and downs.

Music has always been a part of her life and she was always intertwined with music. At age of six, she started taking music lessons after she played “Dorothy” in one of her elementary school musicals and this was the time when she fell in love with music. She participated in musicals, theatres, recitals, etc. In the live session, she enthralled the viewers with her mesmerizing voice. She wrote a song which is an apology letter to herself and it depicts her growth. She loves singing in different languages and learning about new cultures, traditions, cuisines, language fascinates her.

She gave a message to all the viewers, “I think one big thing to do is to always make time for you. I feel as though especially as we are all growing up, juggling all the things, sometimes a few things can get out of hand and we might expect too much from ourselves. And we might be carrying too much of a load and sometimes, this can be suffocating. I have been through this, I’ve had my days where I feel like that it’s too much, also I keep on trying to push. The best thing one can do for themselves is to take a break.” Take a one-day break and do what you love and refresh yourselves because that is the way how you can continuously keep on growing. To keep on doing the best work you can, you need to allocate time for yourself and have a break from people, social media, etc as it can get overwhelming at times. Don’t give up on yourself, keep on striving and move forward. It’s okay to put yourself first.

The talk show was conducted at 11 am on 16th January 2022 on the official Instagram handle of LPU (@lpuuniversity). If you missed this amazing live session, click on the link given below: