When we talk about paying for education, scholarships serve as the best financial assistance as there is no need to pay back the amount.  This as a result makes students a little burden-free by removing the economic constraint and providing them quality education without any compromise. So we are up with a few scholarships which are confined to the economically weaker sections which are funded either by the government or some organizations.

Below are some of the recently updated scholarships along with the basic information plus the links that direct to their original website.

1. Fresh or renewal Scholarship for Minorities on National Scholarship Portal :

NSP or National Scholarship Portal is a platform on which students can apply for various scholarship schemes offered by the Central and State government. The process for registration of fresh or renewal of scholarships has started on Nation Scholarship Portal. Students who fall under the category of minorities ( Sikh, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Jain, Zoroastrians ) can apply for scholarships on the National Scholarship Portal. It offers various scholarships at Post Matric Level. Every Scholarship has different criteria. Guidelines for each and every scholarship have been mentioned following the scholarship name on the site of NSP. Attached is the link that will direct you to the site:   https://scholarships.gov.in/

2. Nishkam Sikh Welfare Council Scholarship :

Nishkam Sikh Welfare Council is a Non-Government Organisation that has its base in Delhi. It aims to empower and uplift every section of society, ensuring a better living and bringing cohesion with a motto of “Sarbat da Bhala” which means the welfare of all. It provides scholarships at both college and school levels.

The attached link has all the information regarding the new/renewal scholarship at the college level.



3. Ambassador’s Scholarship for Bhutanese Students :

This scholarship is awarded to Bhutanese students by the Indian Embassy on the basis of their academic performance. Originally the Ambassador’s Scholarship was initiated in 2001 and currently, the Scholarship amount has been increased to Rs. 2 crores. Students who are interested in either undergraduate or post graduate courses are eligible to apply for them. The link attached will direct you towards the Online Application for the Ambassadors Scholarship.


The eligibility criteria for the above-mentioned scholarships are available on the links attached. Along with that, students must fill the application forms before the deadline in order to avail the scholarships. For further information stay updated with the announcements on the websites provided.