Studying abroad is becoming the next most endeared thing which every student dreams of and Lovely Professional University, undoubtedly has been able to help students achieve it. It becomes one of the most rewarding experiences for every college student not only in terms of academics but a lot more. One of the reasons to study abroad is the exposure to cutting-edge technology and the new environment. As a premium, the student gets to gain life experience by living in an entirely different city, learning and communicating in different languages, interacting with different people, and whatnot.

LPU has made it possible for students to study abroad hassle-free under the Credit transfer program, through its tie-ups, with several international universities one of which is The University of Alabama, in which a very recent admission of one of the LPU’s Verto was made. It has various tie-ups with international universities and has even signed MoU’s, as a facilitator, with numerous institutions across the world. 

Raja Sampath is another Verto, after Sabbir Mrida, who has made it to the University of Alabama, under LPU’s Credit Transfer Program, under which he was supposed to complete half the duration of his ongoing course in LPU and another half in any partner foreign university and the key point here is that he will be getting an international degree on the completion of his course. Isn’t that amazing? I mean all that, within a short span of time, without any fuss of finding an apt university.

Raja Sampath was an alumnus of LPU who was a student at Mittal school of business (which ranked the 6th Best Institute in India and 1st in Punjab) and has completed one year of his Masters in Business Administration and is up for another year, at none other than the University of Alabama in Florence, USA, which provides the best executive MBA programs.

It is not just academics that kindles the fire of going abroad, but the bijou of exposure. The University of Alabama is already well-known for its MBA propriety. It certainly provides the best of the stuff which can make anyone snare a great package. With this LPU wishes Mr. Raja Sampath, all the good luck and fortune as he begins his new journey.