School of Computer Science and Engineering Held ‘Ingenious Minds’


November 20, 2016School of Computer Science and Engineering organized a really cool event today. “Ingenious Minds”, as the name suggests, was no place for noobs, and the gathering of all the ingenious minds from LPU’s Computer Science branch at one place was like seeing new technology in action. It was an event which called for new ideas and proposals where the proposing team had the potential to actually implement the same and present the prototype to the audience.

It began with phase-I, which was online submission of document proposal. Around 100 students were registered. The ideas proposed in phase-I were then filtered by a team of judges and finally the qualifiers advanced to phase-II. Phase-II was the implementation phase. The selected ideas were to be implemented by the proposing teams.

It was a two days, 9 to 9 event. 24 hours in total was what the teams had in order to implement and make a working model out of their creative ideas. The entries and the technologies used by the participants proved that LPU is really a tech savvy university. We had everything from Artificial Intelligence to computer vision, from web applications to online IDEs, sensors laden high-tech embedded systems to IOT devices for blind, and even Virtual Personal Assistants.  

The completed prototypes were presented to the judges who seemed impressed by many of the ideas. The scores and the winners of the cash prizes are yet to be announced.

Concluding phase-II of the event, the coordinator and organizer Mr. Anupinder Singh stated, “This was an initiative to awaken a passion for project development in the students. By organizing such events we come to know the hidden talents of our students. This gives us a clear idea of how we can guide and support the innovative minds of the university, in the future.” He also assured the students that more such events could be expected in the furture.