School of Professional Enhancement Organized ENVISAGE


Department of Verbal Ability-I, School of Professional Enhancement, organised ENVISAGE, a platform for students to develop their communication and social skills via play presentation. Twelve teams from different schools took part in the event and put together a memorable show.

The plays staged ranged from those written by notable writers, like Passion Poison Petrifaction by George Bernard Shaw, to plays which focused on day-to-day issues, scripted by the students themselves. They were all highly appreciated by the Deputy Director Mr. Ankur Sodhi, COD of the School of Verbal Ability Ms. Vani, and the eminent judges present.

The audience was just as mesmerised by the plays, and learnt a lot about acting and staging a play, from the performances. The following plays were staged at the the SBRM auditorium:

  1. The Waiting Room by D. M. Larson – A play about a life insurance salesman who will stop at nothing to keep his customers buying.  

  2. The Dictionary Salesman – A satire on illiteracy and materialism where people are too ignorant to make informed decisions.

  3. Passion, Poison, Petrifaction by George Bernard Shaw – A hugely successful Shavian farce from 1939 that explodes the idea of the ‘normal’ by exposing its insanity.

  4. A Mars Away – Written by the students themselves, the play was a comic satire on the material lures of our world.

  5. Super Dead Man by D. M. Larson – A part of the full length play ‘Between Good and Evil’, a comedy featuring heroes and aliens.

  6. Mysterious Death – A modern day Whodunnit by amateur playwright Lianne Gill of the Franklin Players group.

  7. Over My Dead Body – The play revolved around a Philadelphia based family who wanted to sell their haunted house and move to Florida.

  8. Election Troll – A comic representation of the sad truth of Indian politics with its corrupt, ignorant, power hungry players.

  9. Amorica by Nick Zagone – A Brechtian Anti Capitalist comedy where the title is a play on the country that is the modern symbol of the capitalist ideology.  

  10. Brad Pitt is Stalking Me – The play was an adaptation of the famous play “Angelina Jolie is Stalking Me” by Stephanie Alison Walker.

  11. The Game of Life by Christopher M. Connors – A comedy about a man, trying to live life by the rules..and failing at the Game of Life.

  12. What Goes Around Comes Around – A play based on the true incident of  Maharaja Jaisingh, using Rolls Royce cars as garbage carriers to avenge a snub by the owner of Rolls Royce.