Among the many things we wished for when the clock struck 2018 was luck- lots of luck and the best of lucks. We do need luck to get by this academic year. Unlike Harry’s Felix Felicis aka liquid luck, there is a much simpler way to attract luck.

Luck slash chance has remained an impasse since time unknown. Homo-sapiens are story-telling animals. Acting as a centerpiece, we look at the world as a narrative.

So, once there was a little girl who lived in the midst of the Great Desert. Every day before sunrise, she would accompany her mother to an oasis a mile away from the outskirts of the village. The drought drove most of the villagers away. The parched land had not felt rain for more than a decade. The rituals and sacrifices of the village elders failed to satisfy the Sky Gods. To the little girl, the concept of water falling from the sky was a fantasy. Every night she prayed for rain, only to be let down by day. At about the same time, half-way across the Earth, a baby butterfly took its first flight. Thrusting its wings, it soared higher testing its strength against nature. Little was the butterfly aware that its play had created a hurricane. The slight disturbance of the air molecules turned the wind into a gale. Over the Great Desert, the thermal low that exists during the day condenses the wind. The rain battered the desert, quenching every inch. As for the little girl, the rain was every bit the same way she had imagined it. Was it the girl’s luck that it finally rained? Or was God’s hand involved? Or was it just a scientific coincidence- a consequence of the chaos theory?

“Everyone wants luck but not everyone believes in it”.

Psychology explains why luck is such an attractive concept. Succeeding with minimal effort or no effort at all sure sounds great. This science bounces The Secret to create luck.

According to the Law of Attraction, the universe responds to what we think and feel. “The Inner determines the Outer”. Luck and misfortune reflect what we are inside or what is happening inside. To get lucky, you should think positively, confidently, aspire intensely, be enthusiastic and live harmoniously with self and those we interact with. Emotions like fear, anxiety, doubts, self-pity and frustrations bring only misfortune.

The Secret to Get Lucky

A conscious effort is required to get lucky. In our case, the elders thought only about drought and destruction that had befallen them. The rain to them was an element to wash away their misfortune. In this thought process, the focus is on drought and rain is just a solution. As for the little girl, the struggles of drought were of no concern. She only dreamt of rain and its beauty. It suffices me to say that the little girl got lucky and that a little bit of luck brings an ocean of benefits.

So, this semester let’s get lucky by bringing positivity into our lives. Wishing you the best of luck, have a wonderful year.