Success is not just a single moment or a phase or a spotlight shining over with shimmering confetti. Success is a long hard journey that is painful and worth it. It means continuously improving who you are, what you do and how you live. In order to become ‘the one’ in a crowd of millions, we often search for things that we should have – Qualities, numbers, degrees, friends etc. But instead of looking for what we need to have, we sometimes should reflect on ourselves and give up some things that can help us become better.

  1. The Fear of Uncertainty

Future is reckless unknown. There is no guarantee that sticking to your current major will bring you a great job or changing it might leave you unemployed after graduation. There’s nothing certain in our lives except what you think of yourself. If you think that taking on that business project will help you explore a new dimension of your coursework, then don’t ask questions and just go for it.

  1. Avoiding Problems

If you are sticking your head in the sand right now, remember that one day you have to get it out again and what you’ve been avoiding is going to catch up with you. Start paying off that student loan, makeup with your best friend, apologize to that teacher you think you hurt and solve your problems one by one.

  1. The Cliche Excuses

If you want to do better in your life, stop making excuses and start admitting to your faults. Making mistakes is not wrong but covering them up with things that are not true is. If you’re late to the class or forgot to turn in the assignment, apologize and admit that it was your fault and do better the next time.

  1. Dependency

You can never become your best version if you keep clinging on to other people for support. Be self-sufficient with your needs, become your own handyman and never lean on too much for the practical or emotional support.

  1. Shortcuts

Taking the easy road is tempting but it will never help you reach your dreams. Shortcuts are like pastries at a bakery, they might taste good but will never give you the satisfaction like a homemade cake does. The point is, life is all about experiencing the challenges and if you run away from the hard work, your reward won’t feel like an accomplishment to you.

Those who achieve high in life often grasp a great understanding of the foundation of it. The best part about college is that you get to experience the talks of your professors who can pass on their understanding of the world outside. So, if you’re planning to gain success, lose these habits and get a headstart in life.