We, humans, are inquisitive convivial animals who relish developing, inventing, searching everything modish and trending. In this epoch of trends, we heed and adjudicate everything which is the talk of the town and is also popular be it fashion, lifestyle, tradition or words.

As a human who adores to read and write, I’m naturally drawn to words. And for many people who love to write, I have a very compelling topic for you to read.  

Each year, the Oxford Dictionary makes writing professionally easier and more fun by adding new words to its dictionary– meaning: New and authentic words are added to our vocabularies every year. The words added can be any new trending word, newly invented word or any slang which has become a popular one.

By the end of every year, they publish the list that is going to be added. So, 2017 gave us some new interesting words to our vocabulary. The words are listed below


Expressing great pleasure or excitement. For eg. Yaaas! We’ll be going to the party. This word is quite popular these days. Now, instead of saying hurrah, people use this word to show agreement with excitement.

OED welcomes 7 New Words in its Family


Used in a  reference to a person or a thing seen as a model to aspire to or emulate with one’s friend. For eg., This bunch of students is a perfect squad goal.

OED welcomes 7 New Words in its Family


A person or the thing which serves as a motivation for someone improve or enhance fitness and health. For eg., Sohee Lee is my fitspiration.


Thanksgiving celebration with one’s friend instead of family. For eg. I would like you to attend my Friendsgiving party.

OED welcomes 7 New Words in its Family


Excessive resentment, negativity or criticism. For eg., she received haterade for her new Instagram post.


An event of interaction characterized by mutual appreciation, affection, especially when regarded excessive. For eg., the meeting ended being a lovefest.


To describe something which is in extreme, pain, joy etc. For eg. I’m tired boots.

OED welcomes 7 New Words in its Family

“Yaaas”,  so they were some very trendy and cool words added. Now memorize them and use it to stand cool in your gang. Let’s see what this year 2018 adds to our thesaurus.