You must have heard about several kinds of addictions peoples suffer from, the most common of them are namely alcohol, smoking, drugs, etc.

But hardly people think that the things they are doing in their daily life just for some fun, are actually becoming an addiction to them, and the very best example of this is the addiction of clicking excessive selfies, yes! Selfies are not just a way of fun, it’s becoming an addiction all over the world.


Every one of us likes clicking a selfie on a special occasion. But most of the people do not take it for themselves, they try to take the best possible pic of them in order to get more attention on social media. Observing such kind of problem we can easily link selfie addiction to social media addiction. Thus it can easily be concluded that a person suffering from selfie addiction might also be a victim of social media addiction.

All this is even more dangerous for our future, as the peoples around the globe suffering from such kind of problems are mostly youngsters, and we all know that as a youngster we might get distracted easily, we might become socially, emotionally weaker.


The main psychological link with this problem is linked with the happiness that people get when they get appreciated by others when they click some different selfies then others, even if it requires any dangerous act, whether it be risking their life. When peoples reach such a severe level of mental condition, such things become an addiction to them and gradually makes their life worse.

The problem with any kind of addiction is that it not only harms the person suffering from it, it also harms the society, the people, and friends around them and even has a worse impact on their families.


They get completely isolated from their loved ones, which impacts their relationship. Also, it’s obvious that when a person gets isolated, he or she could be prey to depression and stress. It’s not the trend of taking selfies or the front camera technology which is the main culprit of selfie addiction; it’s just the lack of knowledge, emotional and social understanding of the people.

At last, I would like to mention that technology can be boon as well as a bane, it depends on us that how we are using it!