Being a student of Lovely Professional University has its own perks and perils. Here everything is online and digital, starting from the marks to view, your assignment you submit to even check your time table. Add to it the university also provides the student with two major data providers. One is the LPU Hostel or more commonly known as LPU Wireless in our Academic Blocks and the other is the Jio Net LPU. This definitely makes the tasks of the students quite easy when compared to the rest of the students from other universities.

Though it gives us a real handy thing, at the same time due to the internet access we are getting into such a web that is taking a toll on our life, health, academics, relationships and whatnot. The excuse of using the LPU Touch or the UMS for our work some time leads us to social media apps and finally when we are out of that, we lose our precious time. Getting glued to the phone every day through all the services being provided to us by the University for our Welfare is taking a toll on our physical health. More on phone means less social time, less social time means less interaction, fewer friends and fewer people to talk to.

Man is a social animal and needs some social space every day to detoxify the various things it stores all day while working, studying or doing any relevant thing. And that is why it is quite common that why the proportion of people getting into anxiety and depression are students. Let aside these, a student is defined by the study and his approach. Definitely, social media will help you to achieve this, but depending entirely on it is also not a good thing.

We are now living in the 21st century where all the things are digitalized and interconnected. And that is quite evident by the way our university works. On average a person in India spends around 3.5 hours on the internet, social media and phone. So all along if we see that in a month that is 105 hours. And this is what an average is, the actual result may be much more. Add to its independent results has also claimed that this estimate would rise up to two folds in the coming years. Internet, Social Media and all the relevant things are some of the best possible things or inventions to happen in our generation, but getting stuck with it isn’t a wise idea.

The first thing which comes to almost all the people, who decide to invest less time, is ‘How?’ Many people even believe that it is impossible, but even impossible says I am possible.

  • The first and the major thing that every person needs to have is the will and power to focus.
  • The second most important thing is to have the courage and determination to make yourself competent enough.
  • Try to invest time more on those things which require minimal to no social media/internet exposure.
  • Try investing time in your extra co-curricular activities and hobbies. Reading a book, cooking, gardening, painting, or working on your interpersonal skills can also help you to achieve that.
  • Try investing time in your physical health too. Too much obesity towards the internet and social media can lead to health problems. Try keeping yourself fit. Like, do running, yoga, meditation. One can even go for playing. Play your favorite sport.
  • And finally do those things which make you happy.

In this present age, not being with social media, internet or mobile or gadgets isn’t a good idea, but getting obsessed with it also isn’t a good idea either. Always remember:                          

There is a thin line difference between Necessity and Luxury.