It is said that pain is body’s way of saying that something is not right. And yes, Headaches are usually one of the most common ways our body reminds us that we aren’t paying it as much attention as we should. They sometimes might also be sending messages that something beyond usual is happening in your body which can be potentially dangerous to your health. So here are signs which tell you that your headache is not NORMAL and you need to consult the doctor right away.

  1. An infectious Headache

If not only just you but also people around also complain of dizziness, pain in head collectively then it’s more likely that you are suffering from CO2 poisoning. It will lighten up once you walk out in an open area and make sure to open all the windows and doors.  Also, call someone to have an inspection of the CO2 leak.

  1. Bumping of the head when you are on blood thinners

Bumping of the head is not harmful for most of the time unless of course, you are on blood thinners due to which the headache can actually be indicating subdural hematoma or a kind of slow bleeding inside brain doesn’t clot. This situation can be very fatal and you are advised to visit your doctor immediately  

  1. The torment is behind or around your eye

If you are experiencing headache accompanied by eye pain which is also changing your vision then it is time you visited your eye specialist ASAP. As the crippling concern here could be the chance of acute glaucoma or a buildup of pressure in the eye that cuts off the blood flow and can result in blindness. Usually, the people who experience it are people who watch a movie in a theatre and when lights shut off the pupil dilates and changes in the pressure lead to a headache and the other symptoms

  1. Pain is concentrated at the temples

Usually, the place of the headache is not a major concern but if you are older than 50 and feel the pain at the sides of your forehead then it can be temporal arteritis—a condition in which the arteries in temples become inflamed. You should visit your doctor immediately if it is accompanied by fever or blurry vision. If it isn’t treated it will result in loss of sight.

  1. If your headache changes its nature

If you usually suffer from migraine or tension headaches it isn’t dangerous but if you feel that the nature of it all is severe and different from what you usually feel then it becomes a concern. It could be an aneurysm or some other urgent medical situation and check up should become your priority.

  1. A headache is not the only thing you are suffering from

A headache accompanied by fever is mostly a sign of things going wrong in your body. It could be a symptom of meningitis, encephalitis or inflammation of the brain. Especially if you are not acting your usual self or forget things like who your children are. Until then if you haven’t admitted yourself in then it should be the next thing you do.

  1. Thunderclap headache

If your headache is sudden like someone has flipped a switch or banged your head with a hammer and the pain doesn’t subside within few minutes then it is something you should take seriously. There are possibilities of it being “subarachnoid hemorrhage” (SAH), or bleeding within your brain caused by a leaking aneurysm. In any case, you have to report it to your doctor before anything tragic happens.