Now with the pressure to at least know 3 languages both libel and slander, everyone wants to pick up the easiest language of all. An extensive and giant web of competition strikes even harder to the importance of knowing a minimum of 3 languages. So how can we be efficient and effective at selecting a language which turns out to be easy and well known too?

So here are the top 5 easiest languages to learn-

  1. Spanish:

Spanish - Easiest Languages to Learn

The best thing about the Spanish language is its shallow orthographic and complexity. This means that the pronunciation and spelling of the words are almost the same. The accent plays a vital role, but you could still manage to communicate in Spanish with a normal English accent. Moreover, the pronunciation of Spanish words is much easier for British speakers. The best thing about the Spanish language is that it has only 10 vowels.

  1. Dutch:

Dutch - Easiest Languages to Learn

Due to the syntactical and structural similarities, the Dutch language turns out to be very easy to understand and speak. Even the set of vocabulary turns out to be resembling English. With examples like groen (green) and oud (old), we can easily find that the pronunciation is kind of the same as English. The language is a blend of French loan words which means that you can easily recognise English words in the language of Dutch.

  1. Italian:

Italian - Easiest Languages to Learn

A language which has the firm roots of Latin language. As it is known, Latin language has a massive amount of English words engulfed in it such as foresta which means forest. Just like Spanish, the Italian language lacks orthographic depth which makes it even easier to understand. The language sounds musical and rhythmic as a lot of words end with vowels.

  1. French:

French - Easiest Languages to Learn

A great thanks to William the Conqueror’s victory, a lot of English words are derived from the language of French. Words like troop and captain are all derived from the same French language. Words like ‘Cinema’ are also a gift of French language which in turn gives an insight of how both the languages are deeply entangled with each other. The nouns and word inflections could be a bit tricky and mind exhausting but they are not as difficult as climbing a mountain.

  1. Norwegian:

Norwegian - Easiest Languages to Learn

A language which is very consistent in pronunciation. The grammar of this language is very easy to understand as the sequential word order and syntax of the two languages are almost the same. Norwegian verbs are very easy to understand as they don’t have any inflections related to person or numbers. The only drawback of this language is that it is not widely spread across the globe which means a few countries give importance to this language when it comes to career building.