Small Joys


“It is of the small joys and little pleasures that the greatest of our days are built.” – Mary anne Radmacher

Maa! Where are my shoes? I shouted at the top of my voice. Silence answered me. I realised I wasn’t at home, with mom waiting hand and foot on me. I’d have to find my shoes myself and somehow make it on time to class. Phew!! Did I remember to thank her when I was home last? No I didn’t. The silent hostel walls at that moment made me realise that in our today’s hectic schedule we often neglect the small things which gives us happiness. We often race towards the ‘BIG HAPPY MOMENTS’, crushing those small joys in our rush.

Our generation is considered to be the digital generation as our days start with checking our mobile phones for messages and social networking sites and end with the same. Instead of directly picking up the phone, if we just hug our mother and give her a kiss on the cheek for yelling at us to ‘wake up’ and being our most reliable alarm clock, the sheer joy on her face will be priceless. Instead of throwing money at the cab driver if we attempt a polite conversation with him, it will lift the moods of all involved. Instead of trying to impress the boss by outdoing our colleagues if we compliment and help our colleagues when they need it, it will only spread happiness.

We often talk of bringing about a change, but we just talk about it and don’t take any action towards it. We must realize that we are the ones that must initiate the process, as a journey of a thousand miles also begins with just one step.

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