There are some who leave the comfort of their homes, travel miles to train themselves for a glorious future. Then, there are also some “less talked about” and “less appreciated” ones who commute for 2-4 hours daily to their college/university. Sleep is a necessary and inevitable task that we have to perform every day. Nevertheless, it is “UNPRODUCTIVE”. Adding to your “Unproductive time” are those 2-4 hours of commute during which you are forced to listen to music that the bus driver likes and you literally do “nothing”. Here are some ideas on how you can make your commute time a little bit productive.

Join an online course

Online courses - spend Commute Time Effectively

Udemy, EDX, Coursera, NPTEL and many more websites offer incredible courses that include lectures by professors from esteemed universities like Harvard, MIT and IIT. All this, free of cost. What could be more beautiful than receiving knowledge from such learned people at a tap of thumb!

Read a novel

spend Commute Time Effectively

Reading widens our perspectives. You get the opportunity to see the world from a whole new point of view – the author’s. In addition to this, reading enhances your vocabulary, knowledge, and fluency in the language.

Learn a new language

Besides opening doors to career avenues in new and different places that speak a different language, learning a new language makes you smarter. It has been found in a research that people who speak more languages are smarter. Learning new language opens unopened chambers of your brain.

spend Commute Time Effectively

And learning a new language is not difficult when given the advantage of technology. Find a language course, put your earphones on and you’re ready to go!

Read articles online

Follow websites and blogs of things that interest you the most and spend your time reading articles you would love to read.

Reply to all the emails and messages

It is imperative to be socially connected although it might not sound like it is adding to your progress. Instead of taking time out of your study-time, spend your commute time to interact with your friends and colleagues.

Something that isn’t on this list

We don’t know what you want to achieve in your life. Do something that pushes you closer to where you want to be in the future, even if it moves you by just a centimetre.

spend Commute Time Effectively

Someone wise once said, “Nothing boosts your efficiency as focusing all your energy on a limited set of targets”. Another wise person said, “There’s only 1% in this world that will really matter to you, everything else is a waste of your precious thoughts”.

Listen to Music

Because you need rest. You deserve it.