Life is all about how you find your way out of the barriers and difficulties. I’m a person with a rough soul who was not as sharp as the brutally competent world but knew one thing that I would be smashed down onto the ground countless times but it would be my choice to decide whether I want to stand or not. Opportunities are scattered like seeds on the ground, it is all about putting in the efforts to pick them.

I am from Delhi and currently in the 2nd year while pursuing Diploma in Computer Science. The best thing that LPU can provide you and no other university can is a blend of ‘Time and Opportunity’. Both of these mesmerizing elements could be enough to give you a sharp edge to your skills-sets. LPU has helped me extensively when I was on a voyage from being perfunctory to being sedulous.

I never thought that he could do anything related to photography. Never knew how to operate a camera, the only thing I was aware of was the sense of light. I used to sneak into my mom’s room when she was asleep and take her smartphone as the camera of my mom’s mobile phone was astounding. I was fond of clicking photographs of nature, woods and dark places. After coming to LPU, I finally decided that I need to learn photography. I joined a student organisation in the Department of Student’s Welfare(DSW) which gave me an ample exposure to high-end cameras and DSLRs. At the initial stages, I was aware of only one thing as told to me by my senior in the organisation that you have to click photographs of individuals who are smiling. A hilarious incident happened where I found himself in trouble while I was clicking a girl’s picture who kept on smiling constantly and was falsely accused of stalking the girl but then I got lucky and found a way out of the problem. Since then, I am constantly investing himself in the field of photography apart from my regular curriculum. I am currently positioned as ‘Data Manager’ at the organisation named SHS.

I also enjoy writing quotes and phrases to inspire and motivate others. I share them regularly on my Instagram handle.

Besides being a passionate photographer, I’m also a graphic designer. I learnt graphic designing from my cousin sister who is also studying Graphic and Web designing at LPU. I have also recently launched my start-up named ‘Qalakaar’ where I design banners, posters, hoardings and even ID cards for different organisations. Recently, I have designed a banner for Roti-Sabzi (a food stall at Boys Hostel 4). I am planning to re-design the banners of Pizza Express, Chinese King and Chinese Eatery which are also situated on the BH-4 food court.

I recognized my talents and skills after coming to college and also formed a firm mindset. I was a piece of stone before coming to LPU but now I have started to turn myself into a brick which then would lead me to build a building.

– Vaibhav Singh
Diploma in CSE (2nd year)