There are times each month when all your needs are met with and all the bills are paid. You’re left with some extra cash to go with. But may not gather the ideas about what to do with it, right?

So, here’s how you can spend that extra cash productively.

  • Get a new Book!

CashBooks are one’s best friend. The veracity of the statement is known worldwide. Books may not preach but take the toll of ignorance. Buy new books in the genre you prefer. Not necessarily to be syllabus centred. It’s really great to invest the extra pennies on a book and make the most out of it. Knowledge gives contentment!

  • Buy a Documentary Stream

CashI personally prefer documentaries more than anything. It tells the overview of the story, issue or controversy, and marvels of the world in a rich, precise and authentic way. Also, you get to see the real people featured on the show/interview, which just brings about the crisp even more. One hour of the documentary can push in a knowledge base of 10+ books. You see, that’s vital!

  • Purchase Online Courses

CashBeing a college student it’s important to excel in the constant race. Sometimes it’s hard to have a strong grasp over a topic, and you might feel helpless. Buy an online course on the topic, do timely assignments, interact with the community online and get your doubts cleared. Also, if you are interested in learning something new and ahead of the curve, then get yourself certified with the certification courses. That not only will help you with your projects but will also strengthen your résumé for further internships and jobs.

  • Invest in Mutual Funds

CashYou can invest money in a mutual fund scheme and get yourself money saved up for the future. The banks nowadays provide a lot of benefits to the students, so that’s the best bet if you don’t want to spend and save. That’ll be beneficial when you’re running low on cash, sometime in the future. And it’s very safe, just choose the reputed policy with a good score. Happy investing!

  • Go on a trip!

CashThe mental state of wellness is very important. To relax your mind, body, and soul. A trip to a lush green, beautiful and calm place will help you rejuvenate the body. You can think clearer and better. Explore nature, write a journal. Come back better with a fresh new state of mind.  Take your friends as well, who can’t afford the expenses or are running low on cash. That’s a really noble thing to do, giving people experiences and the scope of exploration.

Above all take good care of yourself, be in good shape. Get a gym subscription, be consistent and strict, run a mile each day, eat fresh fruits and drink lots of water. Donate some in charity, let your heavy pocket ‘heavy-up’ someone’s belly. All the best!