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Beating that bloat

Beating that bloat!

Have you felt a little puffy post the weekend binge? Have few rounds of weekend mimosa ever made you give up your...
Stay cool

How To Stay Cool Without Air Conditioning

Be it home, hotel or hostel, we require an Air Conditioner on sunny days to fight against the hot and sweating weather. We prefer...

LPU NSS initiated ‘JiyoJeev’ in association with Jeev Welfare

Birds need us this summer!  Lovely Professional University NSS in association with Jeev Welfare has initiated 'JiyoJeev' where the volunteers have installed water bowls at...
spring equinox

Winter Is Officially over with Spring Equinox

Haven’t you noticed that for the past couple days, the heat is getting to us and the summer winds are being welcomed with cotton...
“HOT!” is the New Weather

“HOT!” is the New Weather

The fog has dispersed and the sun is starting to bear down. The happy times have come! Well, not for all and certainly not...
Spring Semester

The Belleza of a Spring Semester

Don’t get me wrong, fall semester is great, especially if you are planning to travel because many awe-inspiring places are just a few hours...