With a sudden thought striking your mind,

You need philosophy in your life to enlighten your mind.

People are very much advanced & agile these days but still, the element of philosophy plays a very colossal role in your life. As a philosopher, you give a direction to your life because most of us are still unsure of what they actually want from life. There lies a deep thought inside our soul craving to know only thing i.e. what’s our purpose of life?

To proceed with let’s have a small one-minute activity. It’s very simple. You just need close your eyes, take a deep breath & listen to what’s happening inside. I am sure there must be something you would hear deep inside your enlightened soul. It’s said we all need an element or an experience of philosophy class’s at least once in our lives to make you connected with yourself. You must be wondering why so, right?

Let me take you through a journey of why philosophy.

  • No Philosophy, No Direction

philosophyTo put our belly on a fire mode, there has to be a direction or purpose in our lives. So to find direction, philosophy plays a very colossal role paving your way towards it. Our mind is full of trillion thoughts buzzing at the same time of those mostly are negative ones so to offset it you need a strong force so, philosophy plays the role of that strong force.

Commitment, resilience and perseverance will take you through the focused direction with ease.

  • Purpose

philosophyWhat’s the purpose of our life? This thought does strike our minds hard yet we forget the same. As said by Robert Payne “The purpose of life is life of purpose.” If we can ponder upon the above thought, without purpose our life would turn into barren land.

To grow with purpose gives you an element of excitement that a human is always looking for.

The curiosity of life is not just in staying alive but to find something that they are living for or craving for so that in the end when you look back, you feel completely satisfied & contempt with yourself.

  • Clarity

Life is riding a bicycle, to keep yourself balanced you must keep moving.

PhilosophyIf we go deep into this, there has to be a crystal clear clarity in your life. You should know what your motto of life is. As an author of this, my motto is to “spread smiles everywhere.” Likewise, everyone can have their own.

Many times we have plenty of things going in our mind yet we fail to express it out. Why so? It’s the lack of clarity because of which we fail.

To sum it up,

“What’s an engine to car is philosophy to life.”