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Spiritual Leader BK Bhagwan Bhai Visits LPU Campus

Students and staff members at the LPU campus were given guidance by Brahma Kumar Bhagwan Bhai (BK Bhagwan Bhai) as they embarked...

Observing gender parity and equity, LPU organised International Women’s Day

* On a single podium were seen ‘a man, woman, trans-man, and trans-woman’ * Head priestess of international Kinnar...

LPU organized three-day 21st annual conference ‘Share the Vision-2022’at its campus

* Counting year-long achievements in diverse fields during 2022; Vision up to 2025 was put forth for future growths

LPU celebrated ‘Hindi Diwas’ with renowned authors, speakers and poets

Students and staff members were mesmerized with an ancient storytelling art form ‘Dastangoi’ The School of Journalism, Film and...