The First Day of Freshmen Induction 2016


The murmurings of untouched hope and aspiring dreams hum around the Shri Shanti Devi Mittal Auditorium. The stage is set, and last minute preparations buzz around the backstage. It is a  milestone day in the lives of  new Vertos, about to embark on their LPU journey – Freshmen Induction 2016 has begun.

The Induction Program of Lovely Professional University is a week long process intended to bring together young minds from different walks of life and to ease them onto their academic career at LPU.  The Induction introduces the greenhorns to the ways of LPU. It is important for the newcomers to acknowledge and get comfortable with the ideals this university is thriving on.

The first day of induction welcomed the freshmen of  Applied medical sciences and Physiotherapy. The students had the opportunity to meet the Heads of Faculties, Executive Deans as well as the worthy Pro-Chancellor and Honorable Chancellor of the university. Meeting the senior leadership and being welcomed by the students feel valued and appreciated. Dr Monica Gulati, Head of Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences initiated students into the basics of the program and motivated them to start their university life with focus and discipline. The students also had the pleasure to hear from industry expert,  Dr Himanshu Tiwari, Medical Advisor to numerous hospitals and pharmaceutical giants. Dr Tiwari, gave the students insight into the industry while enumerating the importance of open minded learning and a practical approach. The students were also informed on the different academic, examination and IT systems of the university by the respective department heads.

This was succeeded by an afternoon session where the Vertos opened their horizons to the diverse campus life at Lovely Professional University. Worthy Pro Chancellor, Mrs Rashmi Mittal, interacted with the students, reminiscing on the glorious history of the University. “Its the students who have transformed this university from a one building college to a global education pioneer”, she said, requesting the freshmen to continue to follow their dreams and bring laurels to the LPU.  Head of Department of Student Affairs, Dr Sorabh Lakhnpal introduced the students to various cultural, sports and entrepreneurship opportunities offered at the university. The new Vertos were definitely excited to hear about the numerous technical, cultural and sports events that await them.

The evening brought cultural performances where the audience were enthralled by the students of Department of Cultural Affairs.  From the folk flavors of Lavani Dance to Old school Hip Hop and Western Music Performances, the auditorium reverberated again and again with the resounding applause of joyful students eager to become a part of such rich events. They were further spellbound by the performances of LPU flag bearers, All India University winners in Mimicry and Bhangra.

The mood was set for fun and learning in the week and years to come.