The President of India Chaired LPU’s 8th Convocation


The President of India, Mr. Pranab Mukherjee chaired the 8th Convocation of LPU on May 2, 2017. In his very inspiring Convocation Address, the President reiterated his call for enhancing the quality of basic as well as applied research in institutions of higher learning in the country.

Lauding the fact that LPU has students from more than 50 Countries, the President emphasized the importance of research and cross fertilization of ideas in higher education institutions. He said it was such a free flow of ideas from across the world that had led to the flowering of great diversity in India. This diversity was the key quality of our civilization, he said.

The President of India Chaired LPUs 8th Convocation

He recalled that India, with its universities in Taxila and Nalanda had been a world leader in higher education for more than 1300 years. It was a time that all our Institutions of higher learning once again strove to become magnets for mighty minds – students and faculty from all across the world, he added. The president called for reversing the trend of Indian students going abroad, only then will our education system succeed, he said.

“In a nation of 1.3 billion people, 757 Universities and more than 38,000 degree colleges is insufficient. More people require having access to higher education. However, increasing numbers alone is not enough. It is essential that mind is applied to enhancing numbers with commensurate enhancement in the quality of education being offered”, he said.

Punjab Governor V P Singh Badnore, who presided over the convocation, exhorted the students to lead a life of purpose and do good work. At the convocation, President Mukherjee was awarded honorary doctorate by LPU Chancellor Mr. Ashok Mittal.

The President of India Chaired LPU's 8th Convocation

The president awarded gold medals to 38 students. Besides, 164 students and Ph.D holders were awarded for their outstanding academic and research performances. 16000 regular and Distance Education students took their degrees home from LPU’s 8th Convocation.