American universities guide students to take an early decision to join a university under Early Decision Benefit (EDB) program. Following the same pattern, Lovely Professional University also commenced its unique EDB program in the year 2013. Students who enrolled in this unique program have been doubly benefited by paying lower tuition fee and received higher scholarships in some cases. This program facilitates students to make an early choice in their preferred subject. Seeing thousands of students already availing this unique opportunity last year, LPU has implemented the EDB programme this year as well. Admissions under LPU’s Early Decision Benefit (EDB) Program are closing on 31st May.

Inspiring students to get an advantage of EDB, LPU Chancellor, Mr. Ashok Mittal says,

“For the benefit of meritorious students, we always think in consonance with top global educational institutions. I wish that financial constraints should never be a hindrance to the development of a student. In this regard, the introduction of EDB has helped many students in previous years, and I am hopeful that its implementation this year will further benefit thousands of other students. I would certainly be happy on seeing more and more new students availing LPU EDB program.”

One of the last year’s EDB applicants from Andhra Pradesh, Vishnu Ganeshan, who is presently pursuing his Mechanical Engineering programme at LPU, says,

“As I have availed EDB, I know it is a great opportunity. It is bringing awareness among Indian students about their freedom to choose and secure a study program of their choice at a preferred institution. Moreover, EDB is also benefiting students to pursue their studies at an affordable fee-structure.”

Students applying under EDB would have to submit their applications before 31st May 2017. However, in the case of B.Tech, MBA, Hotel Management, B.Sc (Hons), Agriculture, Law, Design, and a few more programs, students would have to clear LPUNEST-2017 to avail the EDB.

For more information on EDB, LPUNEST, and fee structure, click here.