The Almighty created a unified country known to be as the Earth for the mankind but then it was divided into borders. No one should live in the fear of those who are sworn to protect them. But still the truth of the entire globe is, we all wanted to be divided with mere lines or wires. Talking of which, here are the top 5 international borders around the world that will blow your minds.  

So let’s get started:

  1. Brazil & Argentina:

These two dominating South American countries are divided just by a waterfall. On one side of the waterfall you could find Argentina and on the other side, you have Brazil. The total border stretch of the two countries lies approximately to 785 miles. The trio point or the point where 3 countries meet (Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay) is also a famous tourist attraction.

international borders around the world

  1. The Zambezi River Gorge:

The Zambezi is a river which separates two major African countries i.e. Zimbabwe and Zambia. Zambezi river is the fourth largest river in Africa and is staggeringly wide at some areas. The gorge provides a natural safeguard for both of the countries which makes it next to impossible to cross the river without being spotted.

Zambezi River Gorge - international borders around the world

  1. Haiti and the Dominican Republic:

A border on the hill is indeed considered to be unbelievable as to how they are guarded and secured. Haiti and the Dominican Republic are Caribbean countries who share the borders on a hillside. The amusing factor is that the side of Dominican Republic is all green and rich in wildlife but on the other side, deforestation and desertification are grabbing the lands of Haiti. Both share the same island of Hispaniola. The difference in the environment and greenery on both of the sides is because of the environmental laws.

international borders around the world

  1. Spain and Portugal:

The two football enthusiasts share borders with each other. Sharing strong friendly relations, these two countries have been encouraging tourism between both. The uniqueness of this border is that you could zip line from Spain to Portugal directly which means you could slide your path from a wire starting from Spain to Portugal. It is world’s first inter-country zipline.

international borders around the world

  1. Belgium and Netherlands:

You could hardly imagine the kind of borders that these two countries share with each other. These two friendly EU countries don’t have any fences, rivers, and mountains to divide each other into two different group of countries, rather they are divided by a simple box-shaped line drawn on the mere roads and streets. These two countries speak the same language and use the same currency. You might not even notice that you have crossed two countries while walking from one side to the other for a sip of coffee.

international borders around the world