Have you ever wondered that sometimes only a word could change your viewpoints about life? Have you ever brainstormed that the most influential and motivational quotes said by some of the greatest souls witnessed by the entire world are just a beautiful combination of different single words? Sometimes, long elaborative texts are not we want, only a crisp word can make the difference at a par. So, let’s have a look a the most amazing single word motivations.

Here are the top 5 most rated single words that motivate:

  1. EVOLVE:

Top 5 Words that Spark Motivation

Something that we all want for our lives to inculcate. A fine blend of growth and development, this word is amongst the most influential words of all times. This word is also painted on the Presidential White House, USA. The word was not common in nature prior to 10 years but is indeed known in the current era.


Top 5 Words that Spark Motivation

A word which is amongst the top ten words used by authors in their novels around the globe. A word which tells you to keep doing something until perfection. Though it could be a bit contradicting to the fact that no one’s perfect, yet he/she could find experience and sharpen his/her skills.


Top 5 Words that Spark Motivation

One thing that we all admire and dream is triumphing always. Triumph in lifelike situations, competitions and events is all that matters today. A word which is connected to most of the title of the novels and is indeed amongst the top 10 most used words under the tag of motivational book titles.

  1. FLY:

Top 5 Words that Spark Motivation

This word tells us how only three letters can make a remarkable difference. A mere 3 letter word which asks you to just try to fly as high as you can. We all thrive for success and with success we want ourselves to constantly attain it at different periods of time. Reading this word brings courage, wisdom, positivity and resilience.

  1. TODAY:

Top 5 Words that Spark Motivation

As quoted in the movie ‘Kung Fu Panda’, “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift that’s why they call it a present”. ‘Today’ is a word that pertains a deep meaning to it. It compels you to focus and live your life at present neglecting the future and forgetting the past because it’s the best time of your life is going on right now.

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