Let me start with the question “Does college infrastructure play a vital role in a student’s life?”, the answer for this is a yes. Yes, college infra does play a vital role in a student’s life. And in that aspect, Lovely Professional University provides a well-equipped infrastructure to its students. They aren’t just the college main gates built with a piece of metal, in fact, they are the ones that are fully equipped with proper fingerprint technology and accurate systems which head to the entrance to LPU which is a small world of infinite opportunities.

LPU assures its environment to be clean and pleasant. It has got several gardens for students to relax because only fresh minds can bring effective outputs. It has got both girls and boys hostels with a wide range of options for the selection of rooms like 2-seater, 4-seater, AC, cooler, apartments, and many more.

The campus library is a must to talk about, there are normal desks for studying and separate divisions for calm discussions so that no one interrupts in their works. MAC labs have highly sophisticated systems that help the students to work on pro-level projects. LPU hosts the largest no of laboratories which include aviation labs, chemical labs, medical labs, food laboratories, computer labs, and many others as well. All this laboratory culture makes it easier for a student to adopt a practical application rather than just bling bookish knowledge.

LPU has got 6 open-air auditoriums which help students to conduct cultural events, plays, etc. It has also got three auditoriums- Baldev Raj Mittal UniPolis, Shanti Devi Mittal Auditorium, Baldev Raj Mittal Auditorium having a seating capacity of 10000, 2500, and 350 respectively.

The Uni-hospital provides all basic facilities for any kind of health issues and emergencies. The Shanti Devi Mittal indoor stadium includes several indoor games like badminton, basketball, shooting, table-tennis, and swimming which makes it easier to excel not only in academics but also in sports. Keeping health as an important aspect, LPU has got 3 full-fledged gyms and 10 open gyms where the full-fledged gyms comprising of AC, sauna, steam, cardio and weight workout equipment and many more. There are 5 playgrounds in total which consist of cricket grounds, football grounds, hockey grounds, volleyball courts, skating zone, etc. Convenience stores are present in each hostel that provides basic groceries and necessities. The LPU Student Centre is like a mall in itself which includes a wide range of student-run shops, food courts, and the most famous Lovely Sweets also.

LPU has a world-class infrastructure to provide all required necessities for a student so that they can refine their choices and exceed in their career.