“A room without books is like a body without a soul.”  ― Marcus Tullius Cicero

To all those book enthusiasts and avid readers, this is a true statement. Books are always told to be man’s best friend. The best thing about books is that they become the companion of a person and open the doors of knowledge.

Society for Management Learning invited Mr. Zeeshan Shaikh, an avid book reader, a pioneer, and an innovator in the productivity industry. He is a big personality who has 3.1 Million subscribers on Youtube and founder of Seeken Digital LLP.

Uplifting Talks with Seeken Founder Mr. Zeeshan Shaikh organized by LPU’s SML

He is a very inspirational personality who comes from a very humble background. He went to his early days explaining the dream of a traditional Indian household to get educated and financially independent. He said these things were embedded into him from his childhood, and he had no reason to think otherwise. He appreciates this approach, but he didn’t like it much, so he went onto making his own destiny. He started reading books that made him feel empowered and offered all sorts of worldly knowledge. The next step was to share it with the world, and that’s what he did when he started his YouTube channel and venture with Seeken. He has empowered and inspired the youth of India through his enlightening content.

Uplifting Talks with Seeken Founder Mr. Zeeshan Shaikh organized by LPU’s SML

Some pointers from his Talk

  1. The future is the youth of a country and the world. One’s focus should be on empowering and nurture the child. 
  2. This is an unprecedented time with rapid growth and technology, which demands awareness in all aspects.
  3. The utility of financial awareness is more than it had ever been.
  4. One should keep building assets and should not hook on liabilities. This is the only difference between rich and poor. Rich people acquire assets, not liabilities.
  5. A reader lives many lives through the experiences of all those books. Mind is like an empty vessel that can be filled through knowledge. Reading provides a paradigm shift to people.

6. One should not live in extremities. There is a lot of space between the extremes, and one should be in that space. This leads to peace and fulfillment.

7. A person should always have a side hustle with the resources already available to them.

8. People should taste entrepreneurship at least once in their lives to unlock new opportunities.

9. Today’s world demands the goals to be flexible and adaptable.

10. Mentality weighs a lot in the journey towards success. One should always have a feeling of adding value to other’s lives to live a good life.

To listen to this enriching session, visit https://www.instagram.com/p/CTWyq6CDJIr/.