During the fourth day of freshman induction in 2023, UNIPolis organized a tour for Pro-Chancellor Mrs. Rashmi Mittal. The tour was a huge success, and the students were thrilled. The clubs set up stalls to showcase their activities, with the NSS group clubs being the most popular. Mrs. Mittal even took pictures with the excited scholars, who were eager to share details with others.

The stalls were well-organized, and the students were well-informed. One of the stalls, the Division of Art and Culture, was particularly colorful, featuring a miniature of the state of Punjab. Pro-Chancellor Mrs. Rashmi Mittal cut the ribbon and toured each stall, expressing her satisfaction with the students’ efforts. She praised each club, instilling a sense of pride and confidence in them.

Later, students and their guardians toured the area, taking selfies and enjoying games to make the new students feel at home. Graduates donated their books and bedding, inspired by the Joy of Giving, which brought immense gratitude from the juniors. Despite the fun and games, UMS’s rules and regulations were never forgotten, and a faculty member was appointed to educate both guardians and novices.

This unique diversity in unity sets LPU Campus apart and makes it a truly one-of-a-kind experience. Beyond Classroom, concept was well covered in the exhibition of UNIPolis.

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