You’ve made your first decision out of a hundred others you will have to make here. Welcome to Lovely Professional University, where a decision is a daily routine! Let’s walk you through every decision a student in LPU has to make in his college years.

  • It all starts off in the morning right before class, going through the pile of clothes in your almirah deciding what to wear to class.Food stalls
  • Next comes the lunch break after the morning classes. This is what haunts me the most. Hundreds of food stalls with tens of different cuisines. If you have opted for a mess, you’ll have to choose between going back to the hostel or staying back to eat from the food court. On the other hand, if you haven’t availed mess, you’ll have to choose from the hundreds of options available.Lib
  • The library holding thousands of books will leave you running around in circles not being able to decide which one to read.Events
  • The evenings, you’ll have a hard time deciding whether you’ll attend an event or club, chill with friends or call it a day and head back to the hostel.Netflix
  • All night owls, make up your mind on how you’ll spend your night. Studying, binge watching Netflix and taking long walks in the hostel park are only a few options.Beautiful campus
  • In a campus as beautiful and humongous as ours, deciding a place to take your pictures will be a tough choice. Everywhere you see and go, you’ll end up wanting to take pictures there. Just make sure your photographer has patience.
  • At the end of your second year comes another tough decision, choosing one out of all the interesting minors and open electives that are offered. Minors are like specializations while open electives are extra subjects you can take up.Study abroad
  • Studying abroad wouldn’t remain a dream anymore. In fact, with all the tie-ups our university has, it’s up to you to choose where you want to study on a semester abroad, credit transfer or a master’s program.

So many decisions, in such little time! But don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it just like the thousands of other students studying here. Deciding to study here in LPU is one of the best decisions you’ll ever take.