As we all know school is not the only way to success, but my dad always told me it was the easiest way to success and so he did all he could to make sure I got the best education he could afford. If you ask me about what I have given up for school, my answer would be my teenagehood and spending time with my family.

I was sent to a boys boarding school when I was 11 years old and that was the end of spending time with my family, of course, we tried to find a way of keeping in touch but since then things have never been the same. So I was in boarding for six years and when I completed my ten plus two(10+2) I only spent a short while with my family before I came here.

Coming to LPU wasn’t very easy for me because it meant me living my family for another 4 years. And on top of that, I was made to feel like my teenagehood was worsted, whenever people talk about their teenage hood mostly you hear them talk about how much fun they had, how many parties they attended, who they dated etc. But for me all of my teenagehood was spent at a boys boarding school so I don’t have such stories, this made me feel left out and wish I could make changes to my past.

However, after spending two years in LPU I realized the journey here has been one of its kind. I do miss my family at times but when I see my amazing friends, cooperative teachers and super caring mentors here, I feel secure, safe and contented. Busy Schedules, Classroom scenes, day to day events in LPU, exam time, assignments submissions and outing with friends have given me millions of stories now, which I didn’t have during my boarding school days.

I realised how much my past has belt me and brought me to where I am, which made me wonder where I would be right now if I had made different choices and decisions. Looking at where I am right now, if I was to be given a chance to make changes to my past I wouldn’t take it because I am proud of what I have achieved and so are my parents.  

– Emmanuel
B.Tech CSE





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