American teen by Khalid was the album I was listening to in my first year. Every time a song from the album plays memories come in flying. It was quite an experience.

If I were to go through my first year again there some things I would do differently. But since I can’t time travel, sharing my thoughts wouldn’t be so bad either.

So what do I wish I knew as a fresher?

There is always a way

There were times when the pressure from school was a little too much. Times I felt like I couldn’t handle it and I am sure every student goes through such an experience. However there is always a way, you just have to find it.

How do you do that?

Take a break

 It’s hard to find the door if you are clouded with stress. So take a day or two off and relax. Go back to all the things that inspire you, regain your confidence and make a plan. Plan your escape from all the pressure.

Do something

School is all I was doing in my first year and that was unhealthy for me. Yes, school is the goal but extra activities make you brighter in so many other ways.

Participate in something whenever you have a chance. Be it sports, join a club, or learn a new language. Involvement in such activities sharpens your mind.

Make friends

I didn’t really talk to new faces but I wish I did. When it comes to campus life, friends are everything. Make connections, they might take you further than you limited yourself. Plus you learn new things.

Start saving

First weeks of school you usually spend more than necessarily out of being naïve, it’s normal. But if you ask those that are experienced you might find a way of doing it better than the norm.

You might not really have something to save for now but trust me it will come around. So if you start now, well there is no harm. It will just make things easier.

I can’t really explain every little detail I wish I knew but let me let you in on a small secret.

Asking doesn’t mean you’re unwise if anything it makes you wiser.

So ask those who know and you will know too. That, dear fresher, is one of the keys to a good start. I wish you the best!