As said by John F. Kennedy and I quote “Change is the law of life and those who only look at the past or present are certain to miss the future.” This is exactly what I thought when I moved here with my dreams thinking of making a bright future.  It was a substantial change that was brought into my life because I had never lived alone before. It scared me more than anything else. The ebb and flow of people very often leave an impression of their personality, some of them are loved for that and some are hated for that but eventually, this is the way we get to know them around the world. This university was one of those places where there’s diversity at another level, and that is definitely a first time experience for me. The exotic atmosphere and rush of adrenaline to explore around were pushing me, but there’s this one thing I had to attend first – the Freshmen Induction.

If I would state briefly, it was a chance to understand the university, its faculty, and seniors, to build a good relationship and explore our talents. The three days process gave us not only a blueprint but also made us realize our worth through different means. According to “GOOGLE”, induction is a process or action of bringing about or giving rise to something. Giving rise to something were the only three words I felt a connection with. The first day they took us through everything which defines the first word “give”. The second day they fueled us with confidence to rise and make our own future because after all, it is always we who matters, which therefore defines the word “rise”. On the third day, we were changed from “something” to “someone” who can stand and look for their dreams. The days made us feel that we are not here to “survive” like other college or university student we are here to “live” because we are “VERTO” which means “transformer”.

All three days were unique in their own way because on each day, there was something new to learn. I was one of those who didn’t want to join induction just because of that three more days I could be with family but now I don’t regret coming and joining this beautiful family. The Induction was a way to give us some brief idea about the upcoming days and how are we going to face not only challenges but in fact how we are going to tackle them. Everyone has their perspective, opinions, and ideas but many don’t know how to put forward perspective or how to share opinions even ideas are not shared because of judgemental thoughts but at the end of the what matters is how we accept ourselves and this we are going to learn soon by the environment in which we are learning new things.

Unity in diversity was best represented during induction and it gave us the opportunity to understand a different culture and adjust with their needs and in a country like India, it makes us realize what our future should look like. Small things also make a great change in life like it is said in “butterfly effect”. Similarly, these small things which were performed during induction can bring big differences which no one will know about but at least the outcome will affect everyone at one point of time which will again create a small change and the process will be continued forever.

There is a very famous poet and one of my personal favorites is “Robert Frost” and one of the most amazing works of his is “The Road Not Taken” and the last lines of that poem are like these

I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.

These lines perfectly describe the choices we need to take in life and how a perfect institute helps to do so. Easy paths can lead to temporary happiness but hard work and honesty can break milestones which are very important to keep in mind before making a choice for a lifetime. This induction made me realize that how much fun it is going to be here and how everyone is going to help to make decisions and make life simpler.

About the Author

Saumya Vats
Journalism First Year

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