Hey there,

I am Kuldeep Srivastava, a B.Tech third-year student of the School of Civil Engineering. If you have ever thought to quit something due to lack of resources., then I am sharing something deliberately to motivate you.

Results of GATE 2022 have been declared and I qualified it in my first attempt. This was not an easy task for me. Let me take you through my circumstances.

Last year, I lost my father to COVID-19. This was the weakest point of my life. I have never thought that this will happen to me as my father was healthy. I was a 9.2 CGPA student, but during the end term examination, I was taking care of my father in the hospital. Consequently, I couldn’t take the term examination and by default, I got almost passing grades. From 9+ CGPA holder to 6 CGPA in just this semester, I was really disappointed at one point in time. Besides, I was not certain about completion of degree as the income source was null.

Somehow with the support of HOD Mandeep Kaur mam, I could attempt all the examinations without paying any fee. I cleared all the subjects while dealing with post-Covid illness. This boosted my confidence and I regained my will-power. At that moment, I decided to prepare for Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering exam. I started my preparation but it wasn’t consistent due to prevailing issues. Last year, I was diagnosed with liver disease and I had to visit hospitals regularly. These things didn’t allow me to prepare efficiently and I was left with just 10-20 days for GATE. I even thought to quit it for this year but my inherent attitude didn’t permit me to do so.

I made my strategy for preparation in the left days. I remembered the dialogue of Zakir Khan, “Bhai hum Kai bar haren honge Kai bar jeete honge lekin hmari life me kbhi chor ke bhagne vala scene nhi hoga“. It motivated me a lot. I gave my best shot and now the results are out. I cracked GATE 2022 and the result is solely dedicated to my father.

GATE 2022

Kuldeep Srivastava,
B.Tech 3rd year
School of Civil Engineering, LPU