Nowadays, Bachelor’s and Master’s degree is considered the most potent road that will lead students to success. But what if long-distance, road blockades, broken vehicles and crowded public transport become the hurdle in their journey of success. Most of the students have no problem with joining a prestigious university far from their place, but what concerns them is reaching class every day.

Many of the students miss their morning classes due to the frustrating traffic and even if they reach the class, annoying honking of vehicles accompany them the whole day like a headache. On the odd occasion, the climate goes rude and harsh and doesn’t let the students reach their class on time. In such unpleasant and overlooked situations, university transportation comes to the rescue. The most realistic and reliable solution that makes the journey of success a pleasant experience, is University Transportation. Let’s see how availing University Transport can make the everyday journey to campus hassle-free and more fun.

No more calls for Attendance

While commuting in public transport, you can neither predict the time it takes to reach the college nor can expect from your vehicle driver that he will not stop at every stoppage to get more passengers because you are already late. Eventually, you start calling your friends to check if somebody is reaching the class on time and can ask faculty to mark your attendance. Most of the time you don’t get attendance and worry if you will complete the required attendance criteria. But with the University Transport, you don’t have to worry about time as university transport is regulated by the university rules and regulations, it is their responsibility that you will reach on time. So no more worries and calling for attendance. You will be the most regular student of class within a few days.

No more running behind Autos and Buses

Dressed up for the Placement Drive of your Dream Company but no auto is stopping by. You are waving at every bus to stop but they are not going through the same route. In this hush and fuss, you accidentally step on a puddle, and your best formal trousers are now soiled. You are more broke, with no vehicle and spoiled formals. To escape such unpleasant situations, you should always opt for the University Transport as

  • Your Pickup Point is fixed. The vehicle will stop every day at the same place.
  • You will secure an assured seat, and you don’t have to fight every day for the seat.
  • You will be dropped at a similar location from where you are picked.

Networking with Faculties and seniors

Yes! You read it right. You will be sharing the same vehicle with other students, faculties, and seniors. This increases the possibility of networking for you. You can even have a conversation with your faculty and acquire their insights on your performance. You can better connect with your seniors and they will for sure bombard you with some tips and tricks. Seniors will help you to learn better and provide many learning resources that will aid you to outperform in class. Might be your startup idea buds out from your University Transport while having fun with students from other streams.

Lovely Professional University is an exceptional example that provides students with Bus Pickup and Drop Services at minimal prices. Bus Services not only from adjoining areas but also from the remote areas of Punjab. Significant cities for the LPU Buses are Amritsar, Ludhiana, Hoshiarpur, Mukerian, Kapurthala, and Jalandhar. Students staying at these places can take advantage of the nearest pickup points in these cities. LPU Bus Services assure the safety of the student, timely pickup and drop, and assured seats. So, let’s make your journey hassle-free with University Transport.